“How To Finally Lose Unwanted Fat, Build A Toned Physique And Stop Wasting Your Time And Money On Programs That Don’t Work!”

From: Michael Watkins, Owner

*Welcome to the official training facility of the “Biggest Loser” Show Champion, Danny CahillDear Reader,

Let’s cut right to it…

Like many normal “gym-goers” out there, chances are you’ve stumbled upon this website because you are NOT getting results from your current fitness program OR don’t have the support and motivation to even have a current routine, no?

In fact, while the fitness and weight loss industry continues to grow in a multi-billion dollar industry, the fact of the matter is that nearly two-thirds of America is overweight and, in fact, it’s getting worse. Even our kids now-a-days are at more risk than they’ve EVER been. Furthermore, the majority of what is proclaiming to help you “lose weight fast” or the “get in shape instantly” programs are complete garbage!

BUT… there is hope still for you.

In fact, if you’re serious, truly serious about getting fit and in the best shape of your life and be able to things you haven’t done in years or even at all, then you’ve come to the right place.


My name is Michael Watkins and for over 10 years my companies have taken literally hundreds of people through customized fitness programs that have gotten nothing short of amazing results for our clients.

In fact, I have been personally recognized as the top personal training studios in the country.

But… by now you’re probably thinking, “OK Michael… I’ve heard this before… prove it!

Well, just take a look at our client success stories page and let our clients tell you themselves how we’ve helped change their lives!



Hear What Our Clients Have To Say…

Allan Trimble (Football Coach, Jenks)

“I have lost over 41 pounds and 30 inches since starting with FT, but where I have really noticed the change is in my productivity at work. I have greatly improved my mental and physical stamina and can be productive for much longer periods of time. I just feel better.”

“I have lost over 41 pounds

and 30 inches!”

Rebecca Stovall (Tulsa)

I began to have episodes of tachycardia (rapid heart beats up to 180bpm), chest discomfort and heart palpitations. Blood pressure meds provided little to no relief.That’s when I joined FT. Not only have I decreased my medication for tachycardia; I have not had an episode of chest pain or palpitation since I can remember! Over the past 2 years I have gained confidence to achieve many things I never dreamed of…. I completed the warrior dash this past September. I have won 2 of the biggest loser competitions at work. In addition to all the health benefits I also get the benefit of shopping at any store I want, buy any brand of clothing and rid my closet of baggy stuff every few months. I feel more energetic than I have ever felt. I’m in better shape than in high school as well as being thinner!! Thanks FT for changing my life.

“Not only have I decreased my medication for tachycardia; I have not had an episode of chest pain or palpitation since I can remember!”

Brad Borem (Business Owner, Tulsa)

“I weighed over 400 pounds and knew I needed help. Since February 2008, I have lost over 118 pounds, increased my energy tremendously, lowered by blood pressure and cholesterol, and have gained so much self-confidence. The trainers are so knowledgeable about my fitness and nutrition needs. Thank you to my team of trainers for saving my life!”

“Working out here has
changed my life!”

Sherrie Bullock (Tulsa)

Hey Michael!!!!! I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT!!!!! I lost 5.4 this week; making my total…..drum roll please…. 101.8!!!! I’m so excited and so thankful to everyone at FT! Now, it’s time to get the next 50 off!!! I can’t wait! Thanks FT!! :)


“I lost 101.8 pounds!”

Pretty exciting huh?

Check it out… a fitness system that actually works! In fact, I can GUARANTEE you it works. If you try our proven 5 step plan for 60 days and don’t see life changing results, I’ll actually refund your current investment and give you the next 30 days FREE!

Look, hard work, a good program, great coaching, accountability and motivation are the keys to unlock your new “fit” life. If you’re finally sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to start really living life, I invite you download our coaching information pack or even better, register here for a FREE two weeks of training! Just fill out the contact form and you’ll not only get the information packet delivered to you immediately, but we’ll be in contact with you within 24 hours to get your FREE two week trial scheduled so you can start experiencing what all the hype is truly about!

Now is your time… don’t waste any more of it!

To your health,